About Hearing Aids

Should you require hearing aids, tailored options will be provided once we have a complete picture of listening needs based on your current lifestyle and budget. We will then further discuss the various hearing aid technologies and options that are available.

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Hearing aid services we provide

  • Comprehensive Hearing Assessments (Adults & Children)
  • Hearing Instrument Fittings with Live Speech Mapping
  • Hearing Aid Repairs
  • Hearing Aid Accessory & Battery Sales

Hearing Aid Styles

We carry a wide range of hearing aid styles tailored to your current lifestyle and budget.


Open fit hearing aids are small devices placed
behind the ear with a slim tube attached to the
device and inserted down the ear canal. They are
non-occluding. This style is good for people with a
high frequency hearing loss or mild to moderate
hearing loss. They help you hear better when
background noise is present.

Assistive Listening Devices

We offer a wide variety of hearing aid accessories which enable the listener to connect hearing aids wirelessly to Bluetooth devices, cell phones, MP3 players, TVs, etc.


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